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PictureNameDescriptionPricePosted On:Circa:
American "Patent Applied For" Level Not For Sale March 07, 2004Unknown
Antique level Not For Sale September 30, 2008Unknown
Baker-McMillan Machinist Level $750 March 07, 2004Unknown
Bradford Union Patented Cast Iron Inclinometer $15000 May 20, 2004Unknown
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Levels are rapidly gaining in collectible status as there are an amazing number of patented levels. You would think something as simple as finding a level would not require so much brainpower, but the inventors were in overdrive on this topic. Collectible levels are generally found with either wood or cast iron bodies, but some notable exceptions are also shown on these pages (ivory bodied levels, for example). They are found in a wide variety of lengths, some shown here are as small as a single vial while others used in railroad construction are several feet long (some patentees even sold just the inclinometer mechanism for mounting in your own stock of unlimited length). There are a few reference books published about levels.

Levels can contain a horizontal fluid vial (a "level vial"), a vertical fluid vial ("plumb vial"), inclinometer dials for determining the degree of slope, or combinations of these.

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