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Catalogue of American
Patented Antique Tools
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Other Tools

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PictureNameDescriptionPricePosted On:Circa:
Boring Machine (aka Barn Drill) Not For Sale July 23, 20051890?
Carved Bone Handle Chisel $2000 December 17, 2005Unknown
Convertible Ratchet Wrench Not For Sale February 04, 2010Unknown
Crookston Tool Company Protractor $250 March 07, 2004Unknown
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Tools in this section include those patented American tools that are interesting but did not fit in one of the other sections. Usually they are interesting because of mechanical complexity, rarity, or provenance. There are typically few books on these niche tools, but some of the general tool reference books include interesting sections on their beauty and form.

The tools in this section are noteworthy because of their inventive nature -- often they are examples of a "better mousetrap".  They usually didn't sell very well and are often rarer due to this.

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