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#3 Velocipede Walking Arm Saw

This scroll saw is a rarer model, shown in catalogs only from 1877-1879. It seems to be a hybrid saw, using the #1 amateur saw's base, but with a shortened swing and improved blade tensioning device. The #3 had a tilting table allowing beveled-edge work. Barnes decided to discontinue this model and replaced it with the #6 amateur saw in 1880, which also added a blower feature.


This saw had an 18 inch swing, weighed 50 pounds (60 pounds boxed), and sold for $15.00 with the boring attachment and $13.00 without. It was advertised to cut wood up to 1-1/2 inches thick. It included a pressure holddown to keep work from chattering during sawing. Only 6 of these machines are known today.

Barnes #3 Velocipede Walking Arm Saw