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Barnes #1 Amateur Treadle Scroll Saw

Barnes #1 Amateur Treadle Scroll Saw

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The #1 amateur saw was offered in Barnes catalogs from 1876 to 1907, sold for $10.00 with the boring attachment and $8.00 without. The machine weighed 40 pounds (63 pounds boxed ready for shipment), had a swing of 18 inches, and could cut up to 1-1/2 inches of pine. The table did not tilt on this saw, and it was of the velocipede fashion, with a separate sitting stool required for the operator. This machine always used the round belt. In fact, aside from the boring attachment, this saw remained unchanged throughout its production.
The light-duty optional boring attachment for this machine consisted of an arm connected at the back of the scroll saw and overhanging the main worktable. A round leather belt came off of an auxiliary pulley and rotated the drill bit. The belt was loosely tensioned and the unused arm rose out of the operator's way when not in use. Earlier version of the attachment (1876-1877) used a counterweight to achieve this, while later versions (after 1880) provided cast tabs so the operator could hook the arm out of the way when not needed. When required, the operator simply pulled the arm down, automatically tensioning the drive belt and starting the drill in motion.

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