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Scalpel-Sharp™ Hand-Sharpening Service

Scalpel-Sharp™ Hand-Sharpening Service

$ 5.00

After 30 years of sharpening blades of all types, I have decided to offer my sharpening service to everyone. I will sharpen any type of blade you send me, including folding knives, fixed-blade knives, scissors, kitchen knives, serrated knives, lawnmower blades, chisels, plane irons, and machetes. (If you have a type of blade not on that list, please contact me first to describe it.) At this point I am not yet ready to offer saw sharpening, but hope to in the future.

I go way beyond the typical knife-sharpening shop which use powered sanders and grinders only -- I may form an especially disfigured edge using those tools to begin with, but then will proceed to finish each edge by hand stoning. Most people on Earth will never have experienced something that sharp, as even the brand new factory edges are machine applied. So, please be careful when you receive the edges back.

Besides getting back super sharp blades which will hold their edge longer than a factory or machine sharpened blade, this service may also be of interest to woodworkers or home sharpeners who have lost the critical bevel angle on their blades and need a fresh bevel to guide them. Or perhaps you just like to work wood or chop food more than you like to spend your time sharpening. You can offload that chore to me.

To purchase this service, select the proper Blade Type above and then update the number of blades in the shopping cart. Send the blades in to me. You'll be charged for each blade plus a shipping fee (for return shipping) calculated by the USPS. I will ship the sharpened blades back to you within 24 business hours.

I reserve the right to refuse sharpening a blade that is too worn or damaged. In this case, I will simply return the blade to you and refund the sharpening service price.

*Note: I use the term "Scalpel--Sharp" because it is catchy and implies a very sharp edge.  However, actual scalpel edges are not nearly as sharp as what I will produce by hand stoning. Be careful when you receive the blades back!

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